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Each of us face challenges in our lives. In our Distressed Home Solutions section we cover Short-Sales and how they can be utilized. For Veterans and Service Members, this process is called "The VA Compromise Sale" and is an opportunity to help members who may have a difficult time with their current housing situation.

These stressful situations can arise from an array os challenges. For Service Members, it may be due to PCS Orders - Permanent Change of Station or due to a loss of income, or other financial challenges such as Medical Bills. The VA Compromise Sale can be the ideal solution in a trying time. Learn the specifics of the VA Compromise Sale by watching our video featuring Chris Birk, author of The Book on VA Loans, and a representative from the VA Home Loan Guaranty Program.

What does it Cover?

Will only cover the first lien or the mortgage. 

If you have other debt you are delinquent on, such as HOA fees, these will need to be negotiated. ( You are in luck because we have the expert SS Negotiator that is an expert on this process - call us today to discuss)

VA Will pay only up to the Maximum Amount.  

As you can see from the video: Knowledge is Power! Your Agent should know the VA loan process and be experienced in VA Compromise Sale process! In addition, we have the network of Passionate, Dedicated Network of Professionals who work together to help our Veterans and Service Members. 


1- Seller has a financial hardship

2- Property must be sold at a fair market value. 

3- Closing costs are reasonable

4-Less costly for the government than foreclosure

5- Lender willing to write off debt above Max VA Loan Guaranty 

6-No Second or other liens on the property

7- Seller obtains sales contract

Qualifying Hardships for VA Compromise Sale 

1- Employment requirements

2- PCS Orders - Permanent Change of Station 

3- Decrease in Income 

4- Major Medical Expenses

5- Death in the Family 

Non Qualifiers

1- Service Member prefers to move to a different home or neighborhood. 

2- Property values no longer a sound investment. 

3- Seller can liquidate assets to settle gap. 

Why You Need a VA Experienced Agent

As with any process, Experience and Knowledge pays off. We are Certified (MRP - Military Relocation Professional, CDPE - Certified Distressed Property Expert as well as others ) and Experienced Agents in this area. 

We are part of a Distressed Home Solutions group, compromised of network of Processionals, agents who take great pride in Serving those who Serve US!