Tim Walsh - Your New Home Team with RE/MAX Premier


I work full time in residential real estate with my wife Ayda and other Realtor team members. We created Your New Home Team to focus our energies in creating smooth transactions and utilizing technology, experience and team work. We are involved in our community and various charities. Part of each transaction goes to Children's Miracle Network. I am a Board member of the Fairfax County Park Foundation helping raise money for various projects throughout the park system. My great grandfather donated the first park to Fairfax County in 1951. Today, there are over 430 parks in the County.

I grew up in McLean Virginia, attended Langley High School and graduated from James Madison University. We have had four generations of family members involved in Real Estate in Northern Virginia for over 80 years. I was first licensed to sell real estate in 1992.

We love what we do and particularly enjoy building relationships and helping clients make the right decisions in purchasing or selling their Home. I have expertise in Tear Down/Rebuild, Custom Home Building, Land Development, Condo Conversions, Real Estate Investing and Traditional Real Estate transactions.

My wife, Ayda has joined our team (2011) bringing her expertise in Marketing and Technology. We have leading edge technology supporting our personalized and client focused approach. Her masters in Network Security helped us implement security conscious efforts with secured client portals and technology implementation. She manages a team of web, design and video specialists and helps educate, inform, empower and protect our clients each step of the way whether they are buying, selling, investing or building a new home. She is also a certified Coach, Feng Shui Consultant and certified online marketer.

We always create win-win situations and solutions with our real estate opportunities. For example: I work closely with Investors, Lenders and various builders. We can help maximize the value of your land/home or investments pending the opportunity and desired exit strategy. We are consistently blessed to work with great clients and take pride in our honestly, integrity and overall business approach. We know every minute and every dollar counts when it comes to home purchases and/or selling so we strive to offer the best service and approach for our clients. We are consistently improving our systems, knowledge and experience to keep up with the technology, changing legal concerns and ever changing market trends and approaches in home sales.

Having specialized in land use and new home sales provides us with additional insights and perspectives most agents don't see or understand. If one is considering the purchase of a new home:

1) Do you fully understand you options with buying directly from a builder versus hiring a builder to construct and build exactly what you want in a home?

2) It may take a little longer to build you own home but the timing and arrangement may work in your favor on the sale side and the transition side with building your own home.

3) Did you know that by working directly with a builder, you take practically all the risk off the table for them thus allowing you the opportunity to likely create instant equity upon completion of your home?

Specializing in land has also helped me work directly with a few local builders and selling some of the new homes they built on the land we found for them. We have also helped establish unique joint venture/partnerships with the land owners participating in a percentage of profits generated by the builder. Most of these opportunities have ranged in the 1-7 lot opportunity size.

The largest land assemblage purchased by a builder was for 44 lots on the McLean/Falls Church boarder. This comprised of working directly with seven land owners who waited for the combined land to get through a rezoning approval before getting paid on percentage of their stake in the land.

Have worked closely with a few builders and provide build-on-your-lot opportunities as well as other kinds of lot/land partnerships.

We can provide a client portal for our clients, personalized timelines and plans, webinars to make it convenient to review documents, contracts and Closing Disclosure. Being a team, we are able to respond to client requests quickly and efficiently.

We work with out of country and out of state clients and investors. Some we never met personally but handled their real estate concerns. We have invested in investor platforms where we can analyze opportunities, generate reports, and provide unique insights not provided by other local Realtors.

We provide customized school searches based on our client’s needs so they can receive the correct home listings on time and not miss opportunities on a home sale because the agent did not enter school information. We can create boundary based searches for our clients so even homes that do not have school information entered will be provided for review. This has been a key feature we offer to families where schools are a critical factor in their home purchase decision.

Other community involvement includes various research groups such as NIH for autism, Lyme disease concern, blood donations and others when possible.

Our two kids Kaylee and Ace – One has graduated from the local Fairfax County school system and one is currently attending it. We love to provide insight on what our area has to offer.

We take pride in our approach, services, and team and are always looking to improve.

Ayda left the corporate world after her second child, Ace was born. She taught NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming Classes then joined her husband in Real Estate bringing in the technology, marketing and videos. She loves to create systems and processes that educate, inform, empower and help our clients. Our Marketing materials showcase step-by-step approach that stems from her IT background. Her coaching background as well as some of her other passions such as Feng Shui offer unique skills and talents some of our clients really enjoy.

She enjoys working with clients from out of state and out of country since she relocated to Northern VA herself. Her stories, lessons are often a great guide to buyers. She enjoys utilizing Webinars and integrating videos into communications. You will see her using Video Emails and she always has her cameras with her. She is also passionate about bringing in and educating buyers and sellers about the Options they may have. She feels most agents do not offer enough to their clients that can save them significant amount of time, money and help avoid frustrations. She takes great pride in her work and enjoys offering marketing services to other agents and businesses. She has recently been certified with online marketing and will be creating even better marketing products, collaterals and services.