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Real Estate Bubble and Northern VA

The big question is will the Real Estate Bubble BURST like it did aprox 10 years ago and if so, how will it effect northern va home owners and buyers?

I have been listening to different "market gurus" from TV to Private Investor groups who know and understand the "cycles" that repeat themselves. There are SIGNS of events that will happen. 

If you are an analytic kind of a person - this is a great explanation of stock markets/Mortgage rates and the bubble signs.. 

If  you are paying attention to what is happening at this level from the people whose livelihood depend on these charts - the signs are beginning to show.  There are lots of different videos you can watch and get contradictory messages and you may be saying.. OK Bubble will burst but HOW MUCH will it impact me?  

We are a bit shielded in our area vs other areas but for those of us who may own property in different states or even countries, this may be something you want to know about and understand. 

New Regulations - Is it a SIGN?

Ok So watching this video which basically outlines in more detail about the Bubble and why some signs are showing up.. 

American Financial Network - none bank mortgage lenders

Bloomberg Study on how Small time bankers are makign millions on mortgages to the poor

Money vs Learning HOW to MANAGE your money. 

In this video Robert Kiyosaki is talking about how is now SELLING ( not his good properties or all of his real estate investments but he is selling!) Why? People are offering more value for homes right now. In our area, we are seeing this due to low inventory in certain areas. Prices have risen. In general the economy is doing great ( whether you want to agree to this or not - we are talking about numbers/movement in the economy as a whole) 

Baby Boomers and Gen X's

"There are 10,000 Baby boomers retiring each day, only about 10-20% can really afford to retire. The greatest fear is not dying poor but living poor for baby boomers" All investment funds are based on 7.5% return but we haven't seen that in 10-12 years. Social Security is already going negative. That leaves medicare and medicaid but if you live passed 70.. you may have challenges! 

Interesting information from Robert Kiyosaki that I didn't know or understand. he states: "Constitution states that our leaders ( President, senate and congress) can only control about 35% of the budget the rest is controlled by entitlements! "

Younger People will be stuck...

Will you be left with a balance that hasn't been balanced since '94? All the debt that is being incurred. ( Not to even mention other things like our corrupt Healthcare challenges & Environmental challenges)


Even if we are in an area where we are a bit more insulated than other areas, think about where your parents or family members may be living or moving to. This will impact more than just real estate. Remember the last Real Estate bubble Bust and how it impacted all of us. 

Some will be impacted a lot more and others will survive through it. 

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