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Your Security and Privacy

Real Estate requires a lot of personal and private information to be shared for a transaction to take place. But is your agent taking all the possible action items to ensure your information is safe and secure? 

Internet crime is on the rise - especially when it comes to Mortgages, title companies, wire fraud and others

You need to educate yourself and be smart about what kind of information you are sharing through what channels. There are various ways you can safeguard yourself and your information. it is always a good idea to take a few simple steps to ensure your information if kept secured, confidential and safe - I should say as safe as possible as we in the security world always say.. there is no such thing as 100% secure! 

If you are meeting in a public place

If you are meeting your agent or mortgage agent/lender in a public place, please be aware that there may be hackers or systems in place to spy on you. I don't want to sound too off the wall but you would be surpised at what people have in place to be able to gather information on people. 

This information, whether that is SS#, Credit Numbers, Bank numbers etc can be sold like a commodity on the HACKER WEB. The more information they have the better for them. 

They can hijack emails and send emails from accounts they have hacked into. It is not that hard to see people entering their passwords in public places. Where there is a will, there is a way! 

Be Smart about where you are entering your information. 

Are you using the same passwords for websites?

Do you change your passwords often?

Does your agent utilize secured websites and communication channels to ensure your information stays safe, secure and confidential? 

Are you emailing personal information without password protecting the files such as bank statements, taxes etc? 

Think about if you needed to obtain information on a person - how easy is it to get it? From dumpster diving to just watching people at free wifi spots enter their passwords in or use a SNIFFER to sniff the packets and see communications. We have had people record people in starbucks via webcam and get passwords and phone pins and more. 

Are you meeting your agent in a public place? Are you sending your information unsecured through email? 

Be Safe, Be Smart and Be Cautious! 
Verify all information before sending your personal info over the roads of the internet for millions of hackers to sniff out!