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FBI Internet Complaint Link to report any complaints

Scams are on the rise. If your real estate agent does not warn you about some of the most recent ones that have cause a lot of heart ache and loss of money, please ask! There are numerous issues that are happening today ranging from hijacking emails to asking for Wire transfers to be done to an off shore account where they mask the title company you are working with so it doesn't look suspicious. 

With ANY money transfers - Call to verify before you do it. Verify the Account Numbers and make sure you take notes of who you talk to etc. We have a contact form we provide to our buyers where you can keep track of each person involved in the transaction so if you have any questions, call and verify before you take action. 

Here is how you can report the scams on FBI's website:   Visit https://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx  and follow their process. 

Ask Your Agent!

I have an extensive background in IT and was actually a professor of Network Security before I left the corporate world and decided to invest,consult & market Real Estate & homes! I am still shocked to this day to hear agents talking about contracts, clients in specific areas and worse yet, putting together personal, confidential information and sending those across in an unsecured way.  Your information in the wrong hands can be detrimental. We hear lots of stories of people being scammed. As a matter of fact, a family member was a recent victim to Computer hacking where they locked her computer up and asked her to pay $300 to unlock it. 

There are various forms of scams happening and since this is the 21st century Bank Robbery - you will only see them utilizing different channels. Please check and verify BEFORE you provide ANY Personal Information!  Ensure that your contracts and any personal information is communicated through secured channels like DOCUSIGN etc. 

Be Safe, be Well and Be Smart! 

If you have any need for Real Estate Services, you can call me or my husband at anytime. 703-870-3885. 

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