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Distressed Home Owners

Distressed Northern VA homeowners, remember this: you have options! We take great pride in the assistance we provide at Distressed Home Solutions.com, for valued Northern VA clients who face housing-related financial challenges. Such challenges are not uncommon, and happen every day. Each of us go through tough times and challenges during our life - many out of our control. Helping pressured homeowners is a key component of what we do, with our efforts being routinely praised for our expertise, dedication, passion, and outcomes that both surprise them and surpass their expectations regarding what was possible. Every distressed Northern VA home owner needs to be reasonably assured that strategies do exist to fight back against things like home foreclosure or lender refusal (first-instance unworkable mortgage negotiation), and others. Whether you are looking for a way to stay in your home or have a successful transition, we are here to help guide you through your options. You will find experts that are dedicated and passionate about helping you chart a course that has the least impact on your life, family, and credit, and help you successfully transition to a new chapter in your life. We realize that a lot of people are embarrassed about certain situations and we completely understand that. That is why ALL of our consultations are Private & Confidential! We are Local – not an 800 number you call! You can meet with us face to face and there is no upfront charge for you at all. We negotiate our fees with the bank to bring about a win/win solution for our clients. With experience comes a great deal of know how, connections, respect, and processes that others can’t match. Our agents and negotiators are experienced, knowledgable, passionate, and dedicated to HELP YOU!