Ayda Walsh


Born in St. Louis, Ayda has travelled and lived in 4 continents before moving back to US when she was 13. She relocated to Fairfax VA, in 2006 as part of a corporate relocation. She was the Director of IS & IT for USA and Asia Pacific for CGI. She lead an adventurous and rewarding life of managing enterprise level systems, international teams, data centers and projects. She has a BS in Corporate Finance from SUNY Buffalo and Masters in Network Security from Capital College, MD. She has taught Computer security classes at Southwest Florida College while managing multiple campuses as the IT director for the schools foundation.

Ayda left the corporate world after her second child, Ace was born. She taught NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming Classes then joined her husband in Real Estate bringing in the technology, marketing and videos. She loves to create systems and processes that educate, inform, empower and help our clients. Our Marketing materials showcase step-by-step approach that stems from her IT background. Her coaching background as well as some of her other passions such as Feng Shui offer unique skills and talents some of our clients really enjoy.

She enjoys working with clients from out of state and out of country since she relocated to Northern VA herself. Her stories, lessons are often a great guide to buyers. She enjoys utilizing Webinars and integrating videos into communications. You will see her using Video Emails and she always has her cameras with her. She is also passionate about bringing in and educating buyers and sellers about the Options they may have. She feels most agents do not offer enough to their clients that can save them significant amount of time, money and help avoid frustrations. She takes great pride in her work and enjoys offering marketing services to other agents and businesses. She has recently been certified with online marketing and will be creating even better marketing products, collaterals and services.